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9 October 2012

Consumer Reports gives iPhone 5 the thumbs up

While it wasn't in favour of the iPhone 4, Consumer Reports (CR) has delivered its verdict on the iPhone 5 and it's good.

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8 October 2012

iPhone 5 review published

Our in-depth iPhone 5 review has now gone live. Read our iPhone 5 review in full.

25 September 2012

Google chief criticises Apple over iPhone Maps app

Google and Apple were close partners with the original iPhone in 2007 and its inclusion of YouTube and Google Maps. But the ties between ... READ MORE

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Much speculation surrounded Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012. The iPhone rumour mill, which has become a cottage industry in itself, had long been playing a guessing game about what the new handset would look like and what it would feature. Some of these were surprisingly accurate, however many were well wide of the mark as Apple played its cards close to its chest.

What’s new in the iPhone 5?

When the new iPhone 5 was finally revealed, Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, called it the thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever. And he wasn’t wrong. He confirmed a new 4-inch retina screen and an increased body size to 123.8mm and despite this, a reduction in weight from 140g to 112g with the depth down to an incredible 7.6mm. That’s thinner and lighter than the Samsung Galaxy S3! In order to ensure that the new Apple iPhone 5 remained easy to use in one hand, the width has been maintained at 58.6mm.


4G Compatible

In order to speed up the handset, Apple has installed a brand new A6 chip under the hood, which makes the iPhone 5 extremely quick and responsive. Multi-tasking has improved and even browsing the internet over 3G has become a more rapid exercise. Browsing over 3G may become a thing of the past with this new iPhone however, as it’s one of the first smart phones to be launched in the UK that’s 4G compatible. This means that as soon as EE, formally Everything Everywhere, launch 4G services at the end of 2012, Apple’s iPhone 5 will be able to take advantage of speeds up to five times that of 3G.


Like Lightning

The new iPhone also brings with it a new connection point. The old 30-pin connector has been replaced with what Apple is calling a Lightning connector. This is a smaller, all-digital, eight-signal design and is reversible, meaning that there’s no wrong way to plug it into the bottom of your iPhone. Although this means that existing iPhone accessories will not be compatible with the iPhone 5, a 30-pin adapter is available to buy. The other end of your connection point plugs into your computer, or wall plug as normal.


Apple’s Map App

Apple's decision to drop Google Maps for its own mapping system brought with it much anticipation over what innovation or changes it would bring. And with Flyover, we weren't disappointed. This is a new feature in iOS 6 that enables you to view and navigate around cities in spectacular 3D. Available only in major cities to begin with, you must be in satellite mode to engage Flyover. When this is fired up, simply pinch to zoom in or twist to change angle to explore the city in all its glory. 


Of all the new mobile phones launched in 2012, the iPhone 5 will be regarded as one of the best.